The Gully community at Katoomba is destroyed

The Gully community at Katoomba is destroyed following the construction of a racetrack in the Upper Katoomba Falls Creek Valley. Johnson, p. 84. Many of the community from the Gully leave the Blue Mountains altogether. Video,‘Moving from the Gully’ and, ‘Uncle Llew’s house at the Gully’

  • Catalina Park races
  • Catalina Park race track at the Gully-Koories were moved off in 1959
  • Catalina disused raceway in the Gully, Katoomba, 2012
  • Advertising signage remaining on the 1950's raceway at Catalina Park, Katoomba
  • Remains of the raceway at Catalina Park, Katoomba. Its construction meant the end of the Aboriginal settlement
  • Katoomba town camp, destroyed in 1955 to build the Catalina Park Raceway
  • Crash barrier from the former raceway, Catalina Park, Katoomba.