Robyn Williams creates the Gandangara Eel Dreaming Project

Robyn Williams at Liverpool College of TAFE creates the Gandangrra Eel Dreaming Project to train Aboriginal actors to perform at Bents Basin (Gulguer). This performance is to commemorate the 200 years of Aboriginal survival since British settlement. The Dreaming story of Garangatch the giant Eel and Mirrigan the Quoll Cat is performed on a site of significance, Gulguer. Local Koori youth train as performers over a one year TAFE project. Many schools attend the performance and SBS films extracts to screen on national television.

  • Bents Basin, Gulger, Nepean River
  • Gulguer where Garagadge the eel was chased by Murragan the Quoll Cat
  • Gulguer, Bents Basin, Camden