Darug Tribal Gathering for Daruganora: Darug Country, the Place and the People

There is a Darug tribal gathering at Blacktown's Nurragingy Reserve, Jacinta Tobin speaks about her people “Yarramundi … his bloodline, we're still living on”. 75 community members attended the get-together, where a Macquarie University academic, James Kohen, had a proof of his new book, Daruganora: Darug Country, the Place and the People. It is an update of his 1993 book The Darug and Their Neighbours, which helped arouse Darug consciousness. Dr Kohen states that the thousands of Darug descendants "just want recognition of who they are and where they come from". Despite claiming hundreds of parcels of vacant Crown land from Bondi to the Blue Mountains under Native Title, they have been unsuccessful. (Daniel Lewis, July 3, 2006 Sydney Morning Herald.com.au)

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