Koori people descend upon the farm of G.T Palmer

30 or 40 Koori people descend upon the farm of G.T Palmer. 4 white men are killed and another speared. The next day another farm is attacked. A white man inside the hut recognises David Mudburree amongst the warriors. (Mudburree met Macquarie in 1810). They appeal to him and he calls back that he will not be killed this time. A week later the Gandangara and their allies strike again to the south of Camden. The settlers form a posse and Mudburree as a guide. The warriors have learnt that when they see the guns presented for firing, they should drop down to the ground, then get up and dance. While dropping and dancing they hurl spears and stones with great abundance upon the heads of the whites below. These strategies have become sophisticated and often effective. Many alliances are formed and sometimes warriors move in to protect the Appin farms from hostile attack. Karskens, The Colony, pp. 504-5.