‘Australian Aborigines, Cabramatta Tribe’ by P.H Phelps

A painting by P. H. Phelps, ‘Australian Aborigines, Cabramatta Tribe’ depicts nine men and women. They are identified as 1. Fanny and child 2. Piala (Black Rose) 3. Clara 4. Queen Kitty (Mali) 5. White Polly (Dahlia) 6. Kourban (Cooman) 7. Visitor or Envoy from Richmond Tribe, 8. Jack (real name unknown) 9. King George (George Charles Gilbert) 10. Clara’s boy, 11. Rosa’s girl. Most of the women have been in the Liverpool asylum, (now Liverpool Council Chambers site) as young girls. ‘King George’, furthest on the right, is an ancestor of Karen Maber’s family, Kogarah Bay. The connection illustrates the extent to which the Georges River, like the Hawkesbury, is a fundamental means of getting about for Sydney Aborigines. (acms.sl.nsw.gov.au) (see videos by Karen Maber)