Reserves obtained from petition

Two reserves, AR26 and AR27, result from a petition by 4 Gandangara men to the NSW government. In addition to these reserves, two other blocks are successfully obtained as conditional purchases by Gandangara men but not converted to Aboriginal reserves. These are John Jinnjerri’s land on Scott’s Main Range and John Riley’s land at Burnt Flat Creek on the Upper Wollondilly. All of these blocks over which Gandangara people exercise some control over are their areas of spiritual significance. Conditional purchase requires a large upfront deposit and regular interest payments and holders of traditional purchases are required to live permanently on their land. Aboriginal reserves are liable to be revoked at any time by the Lands department, and after 1883, by the Aborigines Protection Board. No Aboriginal person in the 19th century gains freehold title to any land in the Burragorang Valley. Smith, p. 301.