A native ceremonial arch is erected in Singleton

A native ceremonial arch is erected in the main street of Singleton to welcome the state governor Sir Ralph Rawson. It displays artefacts collected by Alexander Morrison. The local newspaper writes: “The whole of the framework was filled in with the green foliage of the gum tree and festoons of wild clematis; both sides of the arch were decorated with [A]boriginal implements of war artistically arranged, and about half way up seats were made for [A]boriginal men to occupy. In the centre on the top of the platform a gunyah was built on the pattern formerly used by the blacks in the early days…[and] was occupied by the gins and picaninnies…two warriors stood…and brandished their weapons as the procession approached. Simultaneously the gins began their native songs”. (Morrison, "The Native Arch." The Budget and Singleton Advertiser, 29 April 1904).