John Luke Barber dies

February 15. John Luke Barber dies in Windsor hospital, reputed to be 80 years old. He is buried in the Wesleyan cemetery, Sackville Reach. Two members of the family witness the burial. The local newspaper claims he married three times and was the father of 29 children. The total is most likely 21 children. His wives and children are: Bellandella (dies before 1868). They have two children: Andrew (Andy) born 1850 on “Lilburndale” near Sackville Reach and Henry (Harry). After Bellandella’s death, John Luke Barber marries Aboriginal girl Eliza Cox. They have at least one child, John Edward Barber born 1868. He is drowned in the Hawkesbury River at age 45 in 1913 and is unmarried. John Markim and Alfred Barber are witnesses at his burial. At the time of his death, John Luke Barber is married to a white woman Elizabeth Ann Morley (married 1878). They have 18 children: John, George Henry, Alfred Ernest, Maud E.A., Aurelia, Clara E.G., Adeline L.M., Susannah, Bertha B., Nina A., Maria A., Pearl, Christina P. (Crissy), Selina J., William J, and 1 male and 2 female children whose names are not recorded and probably died in infancy. (Brook, 1st edit, 47).