AIM establishes a Native Ministry

AIM establishes a Native Ministry. It recruits 12 men and women, old and young, who show aptness for spiritual leadership among their people. They also appoint 30 native Sunday School Teachers who begin their Christian service. In 1936, Retta Long (Dixon) identifies some of AIM’s “choicest native workers” at this time: Harry Ashmore, Fred Barber, Eddie Atkinson, Lily Kina, Mary Duncan, Tottie Lacey and Charlie Simeon. AIM classes these “native workers” into four offices: pastors, missionaries, local assistants and deacons and deaconesses. At this time, there are 36 native workers more widely. (Retta Long. In the Way Of His Steps, 1936; Cathleen Inkpin. "Making Their Gospel Known, 14).