Andy Barber, a popular figure

Andy Barber is not without friends. He is reported to have been “one of the best known residents of the district…a popular figure for almost a century…he always took pride in his appearance and was courteous and obliging”. “He could turn his hand to anything and did as much work as a man and a half” (local farmer); Andy was “in his glory when with children”…he would take them to Maroota to pick waratahs, then give the flowers away on their return home; he spent a great deal of time camped below Ebenezer Church near the river fishing, he virtually lived on the fish he caught. Harold Hall believed Andrew was a member of the cast (black tracker) in Raymond Longford’s film “Fisher’s Ghost” made in 1924. One elderly Hawkesbury Resident, Jack Cox says when he was at Ebenezer, he only had to coo-ee and Andy would be there with his boat to take him across the river (Brook, 1st edit, 47-49; Windsor and Richmond Gazette)