Fifty persons serve on its Board of Directors

After its inception more than fifty persons serve on its Board of Directors. Early directors include Clem Sands (of the boxing Sands brothers) and his sister Lillian, Aunty Amy Ridgeway of Platts Estate, Jack Thorpe who fought at the Stadium and his wife June, Ted and Dot Wotherspoon, Robert and Shirley Smith, Zelma Moran, Victoria Matthews, and George and Ann Ritchie. Victoria Matthews and Zelma Moran later work for the Co-op as secretary and field officer respectively. Among the other early field officers are Amy Trindall, John Ferguson, Wayne Nean and George Griffiths. Wayne is instrumental in the setting up of the Hunter Aboriginal Children’s Service in 1984, while George is a member of the NSW Aboriginal Lands Trust prior to the handing over of reserves to communities through the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983.