Percy Haslam - Historian for the Central Aboriginal Sites Committee

Percy Haslam becomes official historian for the Central Aboriginal Sites Committee covering the area from the Hawkesbury to the upper Hunter Valley. The Awabakal Co-op works with Haslam to gain access to his deep knowledge of Aboriginal sites of significance throughout the region and to protect them: Percy “made acquaintances with a lot of property owners…In the late 1970s there was a genuine concern among the non-Indigenous community with our cries for land rights. There was a worry that a blackfella was going to come up and claim the farm…Perc was often a conduit with the non-Indigenous community. We took him into our confidence…and we worked alongside him to gain some of that knowledge”. The Aboriginal community opposes mining and land development that threatens Aboriginal sites of significance. They stop a proposed dam. Uncle Bert Marr, Zac Martin and Uncle Guboo Ted Thomas work with Haslam. (Maynard, Awabakal voices, p86-88)