NAISDA moves to Gosford area

NAISDA moves to Gosford area. Contemporary Australian Indigenous dance. This new dance form springs from the collaborations of Indigenous Aboriginal dance creators, Western trained choreographers and traditional cultural owners, who come together in performance and workshops. This leads to workshops for young people keen to learn and perform this new dance fusion. This was the genesis of NAISDA Dance College. In 1976 a small group of students from both town and country begin the first formal year-long Careers in Dance training course lead by Carole Johnson an African American. The performance arm of this program became known as the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre (AIDT) - a vibrant touring company employing students and graduates of the new Careers in Dance training program. Very soon the theatre group receives invitations to perform at festivals across over the world. The training side evolves into the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Association – now known as NAISDA Dance College (National Aboriginal and Islander Dance Academy).