“Reunion” of Darkinung Families

Sun 6 Nov Inaugural gathering (“Reunion”) of Darkinung Families from the Hawkesbury-Hunter Ranges on the Hawkesbury River at Wilberforce on Hawkesbury River near where Governor Phillip first saw groups of these Aborigines. Joan Cooper, youngest daughter of Alfred Everingham from Sackville performs the Opening. Alfred is second son of Madha (Martha who marries Ephraim), her first son, William Onus 1st (born William Hibbs). After his wife Edith Lock b1881 dies, Eva Lock b1885 (then Mrs “Darcy” Webb) becomes his partner, late Aunty Joan (born Alathea Joan Webb) is youngest child born to this second relationship. After marrying Gundungurra Aborigine “Digger” Cooper, Joan becomes prominent among his Katoomba community while retaining strong links with her Darkinjung ancestry. (Ford 279).

“Reunion” is attended by descendants of Aborigines who R.H Mathews recognises in his notebooks as Darkinung people: including John Barber and Mildred Saunders (“Butha") and Mildred’s son’s wife “Mrs Everingham” (“Madha”) and Joe Goobra from Wollombi Brook.

This Reunion includes people of all families with Aboriginal ancestry from the Hawkesbury-Hunter Ranges, although organised by members of the Everingham Family. (Ford 279).