An Elders Debutante Ball

An Elders Debutante Ball is organised by Mingaletta Corporation. The idea to host a Deb Ball arose because Elders believed they had been precluded from making their debut when coming of age due to financial circumstances and/or social discrimination. It has been a long wait for the Elders, but they all agree that making their debut is like a dream come true for them. The elders take part in the Pride of Erin. This is followed by traditional Aboriginal dancing performed by the Peninsula Indigenous Performing Arts Dance group. The debutantes are Dianne O'Brien, affectionately known as Aunty Di, who was partnered by Uncle Bob Williams; Christine Blakeney, or Aunty Chris, who was partnered by Craig Foreshew; Yvonne Bowden, who was accompanied by her husband Uncle Bob Bowden; Judy Bridges, or Aunty Jude, who was partnered by her son Jason McColl; Betty Bugg, or Aunty Betty, who was partnered by her grandson Nathan Murray; Elaine Chapmen, or Aunty Elaine, who was partnered by Uncle Tex Skuthorpe; Joyce Dukes, or Aunty Joyce, was partnered by Uncle Jack Wilkinson; Barbara Vandenberg, or Aunty Barb, was partnered by her son Brian Vandenberg; Fay D'Louhy, or Aunty Fay, was partnered by James Porter; Trish Stuart, or Aunty Trish, was partnered by Uncle Ray McMinn; and Anita Selwyn, or Aunty Anita, was partnered by her grandson Kye Hodgetts. (see video for Mingaletta director in 2013, Dianne O’Brien)