Sean Gordon - Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council, Sean Gordon says: “..we continue to protect local Aboriginal land interests by identifying and objecting to development applications which have the potential to threaten sites of Aboriginal cultural and heritage significance”. Darkinjung lodge a formal objection to the Calga Sand Quarry Southern Extension, after numerous site surveys reveal that the subject land and its surroundings contain culturally significant objects and places forming a larger Aboriginal culture landscape. The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council maximise their position as the largest land holder on the Central Coast. The most recent development, Menindee Ridge at Blue Haven is selling well after the release of Stage One A lot sales in December last year.” In November, Darkinjung is successful in gaining title of part of Kincumber Mountain through the NSW Land and Environment Court. An agreement is reached regarding the management and ownership of the site, with a covenant providing the state of New South Wales with enforcement powers and Gosford City Council with management power via a peppercorn lease of $1.00 per annum. Ownership of the land will sit with Darkinjung.