Bungaree circumnavigates Australia

Bungaree sets out on 22 July on the Investigator to circumnavigate Australia with Matthew Flinders and another Koorie man Nanbaree, who has been brought up in the settlement by Surgeon White. Bungaree is the first Indigenous man to circumnavigate Australia. Nanbaree returns to Sydney earlier as he is homesick.

Bungaree communicates with Islanders in the Torres Strait and the expedition also encounters Pobosso, a Macassan fleet captain with a fleet of prahu (small sailing) ships from Sulawesi in Indonesia. Bungaree often acts as Flinders’ heroic ambassador as he strips naked to swim ashore to greet Aboriginal people. As the condition of the ship and crew deteriorated Flinders makes for Coupang in Timor where they stay for a week. The Investigator returns to Sydney via the west coast. (Smith 1992)

On his return, Bungaree brings the Broken Bay clan to settle in Port Jackson. He makes camp at Kirribilli.

  • At Bungaree Norah Head
  • Lighthouse, Bungaree Norah Head