Records are completed for the 1828 Census

In April, records are completed for the 1828 Census. Approximately 40,000 Europeans occupy the “settled districts” of NSW and approximately 3,000 Aboriginal people are counted. Alexander McLeay from the Colonial Secretary’s office directed Magistrates: “I am directed to inform you that it is His Excellency’s intention to issue Blankets and Slops to the Black Natives…in order that a suitable quantity…may be immediately forwarded to you for distribution, I have to request that you let me know…the number of the [A]borigines in your District, distinguishing the several tribes, and the number of Men, Women, and Children belonging to each tribe…”

The “Aboriginal Returns” for NSW at this time are:


Of the total of 2,979 Aboriginal people recorded as living in “settled districts” in NSW during 1827, nearly half live in the wider Hunter region (approximately 1,412). The Tribes and Districts in which they reside are:             


Wallis’ Plains (Maitland)   50 men, 35 women, 35 children,  


- Tribes not stated
totalling 120   


Paterson’s Plains


totalling 132

- Old Settlers Tribe          19 men, 21 women, 11 children,                 totalling 51

- Williams River Tribe      18 men, 19 women, 16 children,                  totalling 53

- Mt Johnston Tribe        17 men, 7 women, 4 children,                      totalling 28


Patrick’s Plains (Singleton) and Luskintyre   


totalling c 300   

- Tribes not stated

- Breakdown of male, female, children not recorded

Hunters River                                                                                 


totalling c 100

- Tribes not stated

- Breakdown of male, female, children not recorded      



totalling 760

- Coal River Tribe              50 men, 40 women, 50 children,                 totalling 140

- Ash Island Tribe             40 men, 35 women, 45 children,                 totalling 120

- Reid’s Mistake Tribe    50 men, 50 women, 50 children,                     totalling 150

- Tugrah Beach Tribe       70 men, 60 women, 70 children,                  totalling 200

- Kangaroo Ground Tr    55 men, 50 women, 45 children,                   totalling 150