Melville, Harry and Bulwarra seek refuge on Hog Island

Melville, Harry and Bulwarra seek refuge on Hog Island. A warrant is issued for the capture of Melville and Harry for alleged murders of Europeans at Glendon. They retreat to and hide on Hog Island in the Paterson River. Bulwarra is also hiding out there. He is wanted for an alleged murder on the Allyn River. A confrontation occurs after Constable M’Gone hears of their whereabouts and approaches the island with “several ticket of leave holders”. Melville, Harry and Bulwarra are ordered to surrender. They raise a “war whoop” and shower the policing party with spears. The affray lasts nearly one hour. All three men are “obliged to surrender”, are charged, and sent to Maitland to appear before the court. (Maitland Mercury, 14 March 1828, courtesy of Carl Hoipo, Maitland Historical Society).