Attack on a settler's hut

Central Coast Aborigines including Jack Jones, Jago and Nimbo attack a settler’s hut near Wyong. Jack Jones escapes, while three men are taken to Sydney goal. “At Duralong (Wyong), Constable Moses Carroll [and his men] … were concealed in Adam Riley’s hut … for the purpose of apprehending some of the black natives concerned in the late robberies … they entered the hut … the blacks being so resolute and seizing hold of their firearms … they (Constables) were obliged in self defence to fire at Jack Jones who is a very powerful man, and wounded him in the neck. … During the scuffle, three made their escape.” Nimbo and Jago seized a constable at the lock-up and Jack Jones escaped. (Letter by Magistrate Bean 1835)

Sydney Criminal Court, Criminal Sessions – the following prisoners placed at the bar to receive sentences. Long Dick, Jack Jones, Abraham and Gibber Paddy, Aboriginal natives, convicted of robbery and outrages on the estate of Mr. AH Jacques at Brisbane Waters. (Sydney Gazette, 19 May 1835)