Blanket returns for Segenoe lists

1828-1829 Blanket returns for Segenoe list “King Tom as Chief of the tribe and his wife as Queen Maria”. (Sydney Morning Herald, 24 November 1834 in Brayshaw, On revisiting Gundy, 233-34). 1828 to 1850s Tullong clan at Dart Brook. The main Aboriginal group in the Gundy neighbourhood lives at Dart Brook and at times at Aberdeen and Segenhoe. The 1828 blanket return from Invermein identifies them as “Tullong” clan consisting of 19 men, 11 women and nine children. They frequently shift camp, but rarely move far afield for the reason that they were “befriended by many of the landed gentry…Messrs Matthew, Thomas and Ebenezer Hall of the Dartbrook area were largely their protectors…” (Brayshaw, On revisiting Gundy, 234).