People in the Segenhoe area

“Old General” is listed in the 1829 blanket return from Segenhoe. A man named Davey later wears General’s crescent-shaped king plate suspended from his neck. Later again it is worn by Larry, a cripple who is taken to Sydney by land reformer, Sir John Robertson, who provides Larry with a wooden leg and takes him to visit Government House before returning him to Dartbrook. Other individuals in the area around this time include Natty, whose employer Stephen Coxon takes him on a trip to England and who, on his return, takes up a small selection on the Hunter River. There is also Sandy and Mary Ann, who have twins known as Adam and Eve. Others include: Jimmy Booridi, Monday and Bungery. Bungery later finds work on the Hunter River with Simpson and Campbell who operate Glenrock Station. He becomes a widely admired horseman. (Brayshaw, On revisiting Gundy, 234).