Aboriginal attacks within the Brisbane Water district

Aboriginal attacks within the Brisbane Water district on the European population are numerous and regularly reported in Sydney newspapers. One raid begins at “Kurinbong” (Cooranbong near Watagan Mountains) where Aborigines demand tea and flour. The same group then move to William Cape’s farm at Wyong (taking food and clothing) before returning to “Kurinbong” to rob Manning’s dairy (milk). A series of attacks on farmers and assigned convicts follow (taking poultry and livestock). (Turner & Blyton, 37). During October 1834, three groups totalling between 80 to 90 Aboriginal men – including one known as “Monkey” – throw stones and a spear while robbing Alfred Jacques house (R. v Monkey and others, Decisions of the Superior Courts of NSW). One week later, the Sydney Gazette reports that eleven Aborigines had attacked John Lynch’s home at Sugarloaf Creek and raped his servant girl. While these men carry guns, spears and waddies, there are many threats to settlers, but very few spearings and no deaths. (Blair, 2003, 30).