European resentment mounts and the mounted police are called

European resentment mounts and the mounted police are called in to help ‘solve the problem’. After Magistrate Warner unsuccessfully chases Brisbane Water Aborigines for several weeks, he writes to the Governor in October 1834 appealing for a party of mounted police to be sent to his district for about a month so that he can capture the ringleaders: “I trust His Excellency will be pleased to allow the mounted police and constables to remain at Brisbane Water about a month. I shall then have an opportunity of assisting them…to capture the blacks – but I am fearful we shall be obliged to shoot some of them as they will not stand when called to stop even when they are told that they will be shot if they run away. I committed one black on the 22nd…[a]t Brisbane Water for robbing Mr Manning’s hut at Tuggerah beach, many of the small settlers at Brisbane Water are so much alarmed at the approach of the natives as they collect in large tribes, that they are fearful to make the least resistance and allow them to rob them as they please even those who have arms” (Magistrate Warner reprinted in Turner & Blyton, 37, in Blair, 2003, 30)