Military to hand, peace returns to the district

With the military to hand, peace returns to the district. But when they are withdrawn at the end of 1834, the Aboriginal raids begin again. Warner draws up a list of 18 Aborigines from Wyong, Brisbane Water and Tuggerah Beach. Alexander L’Leay from the Colonial Secretary’s office, advertises their names in the Sydney Gazette on 20 December and the reward offered for their capture. Warner does not arrest any of them until early January. This advertisement read:

ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS REWARD Whereas the undermentioned Black NATIVES have been reported to the Government as ringleaders in various Robberies and other Outrages which have been recently committed in the District of Brisbane Water; Notice is hereby given that any person who shall apprehend or cause to be apprehended and lodged in any of His Majesty’s Gaols, the whole or either of these said Offenders shall receive a REWARD of TEN Pounds for each of them who shall be so secured: Molly Morgan, and Hobby, As Brothers and very bad characters

Little Jack Jack Jones, Tom Jones, and Jugo, Ditto Abrahams, and Paddy Ditto Young Dick Always carries a gun Big Jimmy, Speared a white man Whipunup Ditto Kurungbong Jimmy, Emu Bad character Monkey Ditto Nimbo Ditto Big Harry Ditto Little Dick Principal agent and messenger Old John Bad character, and father to Abrahams and Paddy (See picture: Source: Sydney Gazette, 20 December 1834, p4, column4).