Several were tried on numerous occasions for different offences

Their cases went for around six weeks and were often reported in the newspaper. Several were tried on numerous occasions for different offences. Many received a sentence of “death recorded”, meaning a formal sentence of death, without the intention of the sentence being carried out. Judges exercised discretion where they thought circumstances made the offender fit for Royal mercy. In reality, it usually meant a sentence of transportation for life. After the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemens Land objected to their presence, they were confined on Goat Island in Sydney Harbour. As an act of mercy, the Governor commuted the sentence to two years labour. Here they cut stone, were taught English and given religious instruction. Threlkeld remained in Sydney to attend the court cases, visited the men in gaol and visited at least six of the Aborigines confined to Goat Island. (Blair, 2003, 34-39)