The Story of Wattorgin (“Charley Myrtle”)

The Story of Wattorgin (“Charley Myrtle”) c1790 – 1835? Charley Myrtle is one of the Aboriginal men involved in robberies at Brisbane Water, Wyong and Lake Macquarie during 1834. His Aboriginal name is Wattorgin. He probably is from Wollombi and has at some time worked for European settlers. During 1835, he has a wife and is listed as from “Wyong, Brisbane Water, Tuggerah Beach Tribe”. Wattorgin stood trial on 11 February 1835 for his involvement in the attack on William Jaques and William Ross in October 1834. He is found not guilty of this offence. The next day, he stood indicted for the serious offense of rape of Margaret Hansall. The trial R. v Mickey and Muscle was held in the Supreme Court before Judge Burton. John Lynch stated: “The blacks came to my house…they carried Henshall into the bush…I had a scythe in my hand, and made use of it as well as I could; I am told that one of the party died from the wounds he received; I recollect one of them told me he wanted my child to do what he liked with…”.