Aboriginal Protection Policies

Aboriginal Protection Policies. Among the varied responses to the Myall Creek massacre is an increase in the debate over Goori rights. Many pieces of legislation are enacted to help clarify the issue, one establishes the Border Police to try to make consistent the responses of the white community as it further encroaches on Goori lands. In May 1839 Governor Gipps republishes the order forbidding forcible detention of Goori women in the squatting districts and thereby raises the ire of the Australian Agricultural Company. Gipps raises further anger by trying to enact legislation that allows Gooris to give evidence in court, leading to such outbursts as Wentworth (of Wentworth, Blaxland and Lawson fame) comparing Goori evidence with “the chatterings of the ourang-outang” (Reece, 1974: 181).