Peace that existed in the Brisbane Water District did not last

The relative peace that existed in the Brisbane Water District for around five years after the court cases did not last forever. The Sydney Gazette reported in early 1842: “There has been some little disturbance with the blacks here, a few days back”. It appears that: Ten or twelve Aborigines – including Quart Pot, Billy Boy and Jackey Nerang – were found entering a hut on Mr Heley’s “estate”. Six were bound, taken into custody and removed to East Gosford. When Quart Pot came across Heley in the township, he knocked him down while giving the “war cry of his tribe” to arouse the courage of his countrymen, who launched an attack supported by other “blacks” in the neighbourhood. Some townsfolk were reportedly wounded during the “affray”. One was “transfixed by a spear”. When the police arrived, all Aboriginal men quickly “decamped”. (Blair, 2003, 45).