John Lewis (Ferdinand) and Sarah Wallace

Rev William Simpson visits Grace’s settlement up Marra Marra Creek and reports to a parliamentary enquiry on Aborigines that: “I have found a family of half-castes, the children of John Lewis or Ferdinand, a white man employed in the lime trade with Windsor”. He notes there are 7 children born to Aboriginal mother Sarah and an association between the mother and Biddy or Bridget. Later that same year, Rev Simpson again visits Marra Marra Creek. He baptises the younger children (Catharine born 1838, James born 1841, and Charles born 1844). He misses Mary Ann 12 yo, Elizabeth 22yo, John 18yo, and Thomas 15yo as they are away from home. Simpson returns the following month to baptise the eldest children and conduct two marriages: that of John Lewis (Ferdinand) and Sarah Wallace, and their eldest daughter Margaret to Israel (John) Rose. (Ford, timeline p6).