Johnny Goobra gives evidence

Johnny Goobra, is probably a relative of Joseph Goobra. Johnny gives evidence in a Singleton Police Court against a white publican charged with supplying liquor to Aborigines against the law in 1884. In 1886 he is reported as being nearly blind and infirm on one knee, and mentions Dolly Goubra who died in mid-1887. Johnny spends time at Sackville, being at Windsor during May 1898 with his friend Tom Dillon. At that time, he and Tom applied for railway passes from Windsor to Singleton but the APB decide that the men do not belong to Singleton. In 1903, Johnny is arrested near Sackville on a charge of being of unsound mind. Johnny “vent[s] his spleen in rather a novel fashion…by flooding the ear of one of his captors with…saliva”. Johnny is sent to the Hospital for the Insane, Parramatta. (Brook, 1st edit, 55).