John Luke Barber

1847c John Luke Barber (born c1825 son of convict John Barber and a Darkinung woman from the Macdonald River) marries a young Wiradjury woman Ballendella and lives on the Hawkesbury River near Wiseman’s Ferry. Ballendella is the daughter of Turandurey, a “Wiradjury Princess” who Major Thomas Mitchell takes to Windsor after he returns from the Lachlan River in 1836. Ballandella is a “welcome stranger” to Mitchell’s children. Upon his departure to England, Mitchell places Ballandella in the care of Dr Charles Nicholson. She is baptised at approximately 8 years of age in the Parish of Wiseman’s Ferry. Ballandella becomes a nurse for Nicholson’s children. At about fifteen years of age, Ballendella gives birth to a daughter “Mary”. After Ballendella’s pregnancy, her employer probably guides the family nurse into a settled relationship with John Luke Barber. Ballandella eventually leaves John Luke Barber for another man. (Brook, 1st edit, 45-46).