Jacky Jacky

We don’t know under what circumstances Jacky is persuaded to join and guide an expedition so far from home. He is probably aged 14 at the time, but highly valued for his hard work, excellent bushcraft and prudence. When conditions get tough, Jackey is the strongest and most reliable member of the expedition. He is one of the five men of the advance party, attempting a desperate march north for a distance of about 1000 kilometres, to reach the Albany Island to meet the supply ship. He and Kennedy nearly complete this journey. Entangled in the swamps of Escape River they are attacked by local Aborigines. Jackey nurses mortally wounded Kennedy, who dies in his arms only 30 kilometres from their destination.

Subsequently Jackey guides a rescue party which fails to recover Kennedy’s remains. Jackey is honoured for his fortitude and loyalty to the explorer. Sir Charles Fitzroy, the governor of New South Wales, presents him with a silver breast-plate. (Source: Australian Museum, 2014).