William Hibbs and extended families

At Laguna on a branch of Wollombi Brook, William Hibbs (descendant of Everingham/Woodbury convicts) reportedly fathers a son to a “full blood” Aboriginal girl called “Martha” [Madha] but abandons him when he and his white wife leave the district. The mother takes the young son, Aborigine William Hibbs, to her community at Sackville, where she marries Aborigine, Ephraim Everingham. When William reaches manhood and became a cattle drover, he takes a new name and becomes William Onus seemingly in recognition of his employer from Richmond, Joseph Onus who trained him. It was then common for young Aboriginal men to use for their adult name the name of their first white employer. William later stays at Cummeragunja on the Murray River in NSW, then returns to Echuca to establish the Aboriginal Onus dynasty in Victoria. William and his first son, Bill Onus retain contact with his Hawkesbury family. He is buried there alongside his mother, Martha, Mrs Everingham. William’s siblings (Martha’s children) visit him at Echuca.