Billy and his “gin” from the “blacks camp” at Gresford commit a robbery

Billy and his “gin” from the “blacks camp” at Gresford appear in a telling Maitland court case. Billy is charged for “feloniously” stealing from Owen Sullivan one pipe, one purse and a small amount of cash. During the trial, it becomes clear that under the “influence of liquor”, Sullivan dismounts from his horse and lies down overnight on the road near the “blacks camp”. When he awakes, his horse and purse are gone and Billy later returns with them. Billy states that Sullivan gave him the wallet to spend at the wine shop. Both Billy and his gin complain about Sullivan “pulling the gin about” that evening. A witness testifies that a “groggy” Sullivan had asked him if the “gins” had venereal disease before riding towards to the “black’s camp”. A statement made by Billy’s “gin” and a description of her clothing is read before the court. Mr Boydell gives an account of Billy’s excellent character and honesty. Billy is acquitted and discharged. (Maitland Mercury, 8 and 11 March 1979, courtesy of Carl Hoipo, Wollombi Historical Society).