Rachel Trooper's life

The Rachel working at “Lilburndale” near Sackville Reach is possibly Rachel Trooper, a strong woman capable of heavy farm work, born circa 1854 to Charlie and Tilley Comfort. Rachel is aunt to Frederick Barber. At 20 years of age (circa 1874) Rachel marries George Trooper at La Perouse. George and Rachel Trooper live at Maggie’s Bight. They live for some time in a small hut opposite “Lilburndale” on the eastern side of the river. They have two female children, both die before their mother. Rachel and George eventually move to Smith’s Flat Aboriginal community near Kempsey. Rachel Trooper dies at Smiths Creek on 22 September 1931 aged 70 years and is buried at Comara cemetery. (Brook, 1st edit, 55-56)