Robert Mathews travels to Sackville

Around the same time, native-born Robert Mathews travels to Sackville near Portland Head Rock on Hawkesbury River to meet Aborigines he first met and befriended at Broke on Wollombi Brook when surveying that country. From some of the Wollombi people who moved through the ranges to Sackville on the Hawkesbury River, Mathews completes a record of their language which they call Darkin-nyoong then spelt as Darkinung. Principle families that Mathews records in the Hunter catchment are: Clark(e), Saunders, Dillon and Taggart. Others from the ranges move to the coast, eg Newman – Noakes/Sales. Principle families that Mathews lists at Sackville are: Clark(e), Dillon, Everingham-Saunders including Ephraim “Afie” Everingham son of Budha (Butha alias Mildred Saunders) both born at Sackville, Barber-Morley and Newman (Mathews publishes this record 16 years later in 1903). (Ford p23)