Mum Shirl moves to Sydney

Mum Shirl (Shirley Smith) moves to Sydney. She writes, ‘I moved down to Sydney about the time King Edward VIII abdicated;… We all moved down, grandfather and more of the family, and we moved into a place in Caroline Street after awhile. My Grandfather didn’t like Sydney much so he went back up to Cowra, and while he was there he stood up and had his photo taken in the Coronation. However, he missed us and his family, so he came back down to Sydney again and died not very long after. My father who was also living with us at this time stayed on in Sydney and worked at a place we called The CCC, which was some sort of company that travelled builders around. ... We moved to a little place in Amelia Street, Waterloo, but that place is non-existent now, it’s been pulled down’.