Chicka Dixon comes to Sydney

Chicka Dixon comes to Sydney from the south coast. He recalls, ‘It was the big thing to come for young Aboriginal people, I was 17. Mum used to tell him, ‘Oh don’t fight with the manager Chicka. He’ll cut off our rations'. Everyone said go to Redfern. Chicka goes on, ‘There were two lots of Blacks living in Sydney then, in La Perouse, the La Pa [La Perouse] people and the Redfern people. The La Pa people were mainly south coast, and Redfern were all the western blackfellas’. According to Plater, ‘there was a half-baked animosity between the two settlements’. Plater, pp. 43, 122-123. (V12, ‘Working life in Redfern’)

  • Chicka Dixon, Activist with mouth taped and Paul Coe