Joe Anderson - ‘King Burraga’

Joe Anderson, ‘King Burraga’, speaks in a Cinesound musical from the Salt Pan. He says: "I am calling a Corroboree of the natives in New South Wales to send a petition to the King, in an endeavour to improve our conditions. All the black man wants is representation in Federal Parliament. There is also plenty offish in the river for us all, and land to grow all we want. One hundred and fifty years ago, the Aboriginals owned Australia, and today, he demands more than the white man charity. He wants the right to live!" Goodall, p 170

He is directly descended from the northern Dharawal , the traditional owners owned the Georges River area. He is the son of Ellen, whose parents are Biddy Giles and Paddy Burragalang. Speaking from the Salt Pan on Cinesound Newsreel. (A newsreel is a short news film shown before a feature film in cinemas.) Goodall and Cadzow, Rivers and Resilience, p 1

[Note: Picture of Joe Anderson in Goodall and Cadzow, p 2]