Men from Salt Pan Creek travel to Paddy's Market

Many men from the Salt Pan Creek reserve travel to Paddy’s market to sell produce and also to address crowds. They include Jack Patten, Bill Onus, Bob McKenzie and Joe Anderson. Jacko Campbell remembers them asking of Aboriginal lands in these words:  "They were asking for the land they were on! That’s when they were chuckin’ ‘em off. There’s places around Nowra, ‘bout 35 or 40 acres, 60 acres, what Aboriginal people was ON. And they [whites] went into ‘em, run their cattle through ‘em, mob of cattle through ‘em, through their crops and that! … They were pushin’ [New South Wales Premier], Jack Lang at that time for Land Rights. That’s what it was all about. And the break up of the Aborigines Protection Board." Goodall and Cadzow, Rivers and Resilience, p 150-151.

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