Boys murdered at Green Hills

Settlers at Edward Powell’s farm at Green Hills (Windsor) torture and murder two Aboriginal boys, Little Jemmy and Little George, when they bring in the musket of Thomas Hodgkinson, who has been murdered in the bush. They shoot one boy and hack one to death with cutlasses. A third boy, Charley, escapes by jumping into the river. Governor Hunter brings the murderers to trial. They are found guilty, but released on the grounds that their farms are in danger of being destroyed (J.L.Kohen, The Darug and their Neighbours, Darug Link, 1993, p. 63; see also Hunter to Duke of Portland, 2 January 1800, HRNSW Vol. 1V:2–3; HRA 1, Vol 11:401–3; Minutes of Proceedings, X905, pp 323, 329–362, SRNSW; Rex v Powell and others, Court of Criminal Judicature, 15–16 October 1799, Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788–1899).

Yellowgowey [Yaragowhy], a Hawkesbury Aboriginal leader, claims that an Aboriginal man named Major White killed Hodgkinson and John Wimbow. (Hunter to Portland, 2 February 1800, HRA Ser 1, Vol. 11:411-12.)

  • Early map of Windsor district