Macquarie grants land to Colebee and Nurragingy

Macquarie grants land to two adult Aborigines, Colebee and Nurragingy, also known as Creek Jimmy, for ‘fidelity to Government and their recent good conduct’ as native guides ‘to have and to hold forever’. Their land is on the Richmond Road, in today’s Plumpton. Nurragingy farms the land for a number of years. Macquarie also invests ‘Nurraginjy, alias Creek Jemmy, with ‘my Order of Merit' by presenting him with a handsome brass Gorget or Brest Plate, having his name inscribed thereon in full – as 'Chief of the South Creek Tribe’. (Quoted, M. Martin, On Darug Land. An Aboriginal Perspective, 1988, p. 80; see also P. Scarlett, The Lock family in World War One, Indigenous Histories 2008; Video, ‘Colebee’s land’