Macquarie promises a grant

11 May: Macquarie promises to grant ‘small parcels of land to such of them [Aborigines] as are inclined to become regular settlers’. He promises Nurragingy and Colebee a joint grant of 30 acres at South Creek (now Blacktown). (Macquarie, Journal, 6 June 1816, A773:253, ML Macquarie awards a gorget to Nurragingy or Creek Jemmy, inscribed ‘Chief of the South Creek Tribe’. This is the second gorget given by Macquarie.) He sends two ‘fine boys’, Nalour and Doors, and two girls, Mybah and Betty, described as ‘Black Natives’ captured with the ‘Hostile Native Tribes’, to the Native Institution at Parramatta. They are next seen dressed in white and carrying bibles on display at the annual Native Feast. In November Mulgoa chief Mary-Mary brings in his daughter Judith (Judy) aged eight to Mrs Shelley to join the Native Institution.

  • Parramatta Church, site of blanket distribution