A history of Aboriginal Sydney

Rock engravings.
Darlington School.
Corella at Parramatta.
Footy players at La Perouse.
Robert Stanley.
Wes, performer, Tribal Warrior.
A Night Scene in the neighbourhood of Sydney by Edward Dages 1763-1804, courtesy of the National Library of Australia.
Shell art baby shoes by La Perouse artist.
The Timbrey's from La Perouse.
Sheena Kitchener and student.
The Mission church and shack in the Gully, Katoomba.
Red Spider Grevillea.
R.H. Mathews' House, Singleton 1880-88.
Blue Mountains.
Warrawelong (Mt Sugarloaf) grinding grooves - 2008.
Mick Mundine.
Awabakal-English Lexicon to Gospel of St Luke. Threlkeld c1859. Printed 1892. Univ of Newcastle.
Belgenny Farm Welcome sign, Camden.
Children dancing at Bents Basin, Gulguer, 2011.
Lighthouse, Bungaree Norah Head, said to be near the northern limit of Bungaree's country.
Mrs Milligan.
Murrandah of the Burra Burra Tribe drawing, courtesy of Camden Museum.
Bob Maza teacher at Tranby.
Uniting Church at La Perouse.
Broken Bay by H. J. Graham c1885. NLA.
Karen Maber, descendant of George Gilbert revisits site of 1843 Phelps drawing of Cabrogal Tribe.
Auntie Glenda Chalker at Belgenny Farm entrance sign.
An Aboriginal gardener Thornthwaite, Dartbrook, c1840. SLNSW.
'Sooty - Kevin Walsh, a Stolen Generations victim.

The History of Aboriginal Sydney (HoAS) site is the output of a five year project (2008-2012) supported by the Australian Research Council and the Department of History at the University of Sydney. It was first published in 2014 by the University of Sydney. The initial web architect was Dr Suzana Sukovic at the University of Technology Sydney, and the site was first hosted by the Digital Resources section of that University's Library. HOAS is now hosted at Western Sydney University. It is intended as a means to repatriate histories to the first peoples of Sydney. The site is also intended as an information resource for use in schools and higher education institutuions by Aboriginal families and organisations, and by non-Indigenous people of sydney who wish to learn more about the lives, histories and achievements of Australia's first peoples. To browse through a collection, please touch-tap / click on a tree branch to enter the site.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this site may contain images and voices of deceased persons, which may cause distress.