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About the project
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About the project

The History of Aboriginal Sydney website first went online in its complete form in 2011. The team comprised of seven members, four of whom were Indigenous.

The project began in 2007 as a joint project between the Department of History, University of Sydney, and the Australian Research Council. It was developed and maintained for some years at the University of Technology, Sydney.

A changing digital platform meant that for some time the website could not be accessed. Between 2015-6 it was kindly resurrected and maintained, in a reduced form, at the University of Western Sydney by Dr Jason Ensor.

In 2018 the site was restored to its original form as we see it here, thanks to the efforts of its original digital architect, Dr Suzana Sukovic, and Dr Mostafa Shaikh. Map is currently unavailable due to incompatibility between different versions of software.

While interest and pride in the achievements of the Sydney peoples continues to grow, we hope that user will find that the site is invaluable in conveying Sydney Aboriginal thought, actions and reflection since the invasion to the present day.

How to use this website

WARNING: Users  are reminded that website may contain images of  people now deceased which may cause distress.

You can access information on this website in many different ways. Browsing is useful if you want a general overview, but you may want to look for specific information.

If you want to find out information about:

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    • See Place and choose the area of interest (only North Coastal is available at the moment). All events related to that area are described by a century and then decade.
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See our publications for more information about the project and website:

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