'Aboriginal Sydney' includes the area bounded by Picton in the south, Lithgow in the west, and the Wollemi National Park and Norah Head in the north-west and north. This is an area rather bigger than what we recognise as modern Sydney, but we include it in our history because the Sydney Aboriginal people did - and do - recognise it as their country today. Within those areas most Aboriginal people probably understood each other reasonably well. 
In fact, it's a mistake to think of rigid boundaries at all. Kooris living along the Georges River were well acquainted with locations and kinfolk down the coast.  Many people who knew the Blue Mountains well had connections into Wiradjuri country in the western slopes and plains. Those living near Broken Bay  may have been more familiar with Kooris on the Hunter River than on the Georges River. The Sydney river system, especially the Georges, Lane Cove, Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers, were the great links which enabled extended kin-groups to know each other and to move around quickly.

We recognise connections between Aboriginal people who lived in different parts of Sydney, but we use place divisions to group related events and aid explorations of local histories.