Wollombi: Place where Waters Meet

The mountains west of Wollombi contain ceremonial sites where Aboriginal groups from far & wide met for large tribal gatherings. Yengo (Yunge) country has important spiritual & teaching places along ancient pathways. Located near Wollombi, Dreaming being Tiddalik the Frog is linked to sites such as the Birthing Cave and Mt Yengo. 

Tiddalik the Giant Frog of WollombiUncle Les Elvin paints the Wollombi Frog Story in his Cessnock Studio

During "a lot of fighting with the early settlers, several of our mobs retreat to Yengo, Putty and Wollombi".  Gavi Duncan, descendant of Kut-ti-run (alias William Bird or “Little Breeches) 

Men perform traditional dances in the first public display of Aboriginal culture for around 170 years (1990)    

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Uncle Les Elvin paints the Wollombi Frog Story in his Cessnock studio  

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Wollombi: Place where Waters Meet
32° 56' 12.4584" S, 151° 8' 28.6548" E