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1800 - view

Aboriginal women

1804 - view

a Koori orphan

1814 - view

no white woman will have me

1821 - view

white woman in a relationship with an Aboriginal man

1831 - view

Madden family

1831 - view

Madden family

1856 - view

remember my mother

1856 - view

thought of my mother

1856 - view

thought of my mother

1880 - view

forming homes, cultivation and production of grain

1898 - view


1903 - view


1907 - view

Pat Eatock’s family

1917 - view

taken away from her mother

1918 - view

Koori families

1923 - view

removed from her mother

1924 - view

increasing removal of Koori children

1924 - view

Stolen Generation

1924 - view

Aboriginal girls

1928 - view

‘Mother unable to support him any longer’