Topics: Families and children

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1804 - West - view


1805 - West - view

Aboriginal girl

1805 - South West - view

‘A Number of Natives, composed of the Families

1805 - North West - view

The decreasing number of women and girls in these camps are frequently employed as domestic servants by white townspeople

1808 - North West - view

Governor Bligh receives instructions to educate and settle surviving Aboriginal girls

1809 - South West - view

settler families

1814 - West - view

Aboriginal children

1814 - South West - view

children of James Daley

1814 - North West - view

Hawkesbury Darkinjung children are among the founding students at the Institution. At least three are children of ‘Branch natives’

1814 - West - view


1814 - West - view

six boys and six girls are given over in care

1814 - West - view

Koori parents

1814 - Central - view

no white woman will have me

1814 - West - view


1815 - West - view


1815 - North Coastal - view

Biddy Lewis later to settle at Marramarra Creek on Broken Bay, also lives from time to time at Bungaree’s Georges Head farm.

1815 - North Coastal - view

Governor Macquarie sets up the Native Institution at Parramatta, It is a dormitory school where Aboriginal children can be educated in English ways without the influence of their families and clans. At first some parents leave their children at the school voluntarily, later they realise that they will not be allowed to leave.

1816 - West - view

Aboriginal children

1817 - North West - view

Walter Lawry meets the chief of “a tribe of blacks”, but the woman take their children and run off. Lawry writes: “I inquired why the childen were carried off; they replied that many of them had been taken away by men in black clothes, and put to school at Parramatta

1817 - West - view

women take their children and run off